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Has been proven to reduce stress, increase wellness and happiness. Has immune system boosting properties - Our immune systems are stronger when we are happy! 


Journaling gives you focus - helps to sort through the muddle that can be life sometimes. It's extremely effective in reducing stress 


The daily use of affirmations re programmes the brain for more positive thoughts and actions = better results in life! 

About the Author

My 'Get Selfish' Journey started over 12 years ago now when - I realised there has got to be more to life after suffering a massive burnout that resulted in multiple organ failure as I lay in hospital I knew things had to change- I just had to survive first! It's amazing the clarity you get when your told to write your letters to your children as your not expected to be around much longer

I had not looked after myself - self care was a case of 'whats that?' But who can you help when you become so depleted theres nothing left to give? Doesn't the world deserve you at your BEST?  If you answered YES. . .

. . . It's time to Get Selfish- The Way is Through 

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